What Is A Vintage Mother {www.thevintagemother.com}

A Vintage Mother is one who is focused on gathering every good thing to build her best nest.  She cultivates a home where the highest virtues can be instilled in the hearts of her children.  She works to strengthen family life.  She lives with purpose.  She seeks joy.  She is not perfect, but purposely choosing each day to love, nurture and teach.

A Vintage Mother understands her role has everlasting influence.  She knows her greatest success can be found by putting greater emphasis on vintage ideals.  She protects her home.  She gathers strength from beyond to help lead her family with power and humility.  She knows who she is and works to bless the lives of others through her influence.

A Vintage Mother is smart.  She knows she can’t do everything—but that through God, all things are possible.  She tries.  And tries harder.  She makes changes when needed.  She uses her gifts and talents. She organizes her time, and removes unneeded distractions so there’s time to do the things that are of most importance.

And a Vintage Mother creates.  She creates opportunities for learning and growth, moments of joy and memory-making, and a home where a spirit of happiness and peace can be felt so her children can…


The Vintage Mother {www.thevintagemother.com}


We understand the blessing of being a mother has not been given to all.  We believe whole-heartedly that a woman’s God-given instinct to nurture those around her can be a benefit to all regardless of the opportunity of being a mother.  We welcome you with open arms to this blog to participate fully in the values and ideas we hope to represent.  This blog is for you as much as it is for Moms—and can be a great resource as you work to nurture and teach those within your nest of influence.