Our Company

Vintage Rose Wraps Collage {www.vintagerosewraps.com}

Our love for creating beautiful things started at the apron hem of our own Mother.  It sounds so picturesque–but it’s true.  She believed deeply in teaching and instructing the girls in our family to create.  As children growing up, we had a family cottage industry and learned to love the idea of using our talents and good products from home to create something that could be loved by others.

A few years ago, we started making headbands.  It happened simply.  We saw some headbands we loved and made some for our ourselves.  Friends loved them so we made some more.  We did some boutiques and sold them to some stores.  We dubbed them “Vintage Rose Wraps” and the rest is history.

We now sell our products in hundreds of stores across the country and they’ve been spotted on an impressive star or two. We have an amazing team of sewers, office staff, and market help who help keep our business rolling.  Not to mention the most supportive husbands who really are our equal partners along this great little journey of ours.

We are proud of our 100% Handmade-in-the-USA products and love being a part of the handmade industry.  We’d love for you to stop by our site and fall in love with what you see.