THE Vintage Mother {www.thevintagemother.com}

Our Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2009.  It’s amazing how something can change your thought processes and focus so easily.

She is an amazing woman who’s known both the deepest sorrows and greatest joys that motherhood can bring. Yet her legacy is one of vintage ideal.  Not of perfection but of appreciation of what a home and family can be.  A heaven on earth.

Growing up, our home was happy.  Our little nest was a safe haven from unknown troubles.  We gathered often.  We were nurtured in a loving home filled with creativity, faith, and memory-making.  It wasn’t perfect, but perfectly imperfect.

Now as we’ve built homes of our own, the idea of building our best nests have become evermore important.  But we live in a different time where the pulls and necessities of the modern family have changed.  Many aspects of the traditional role of “Mother” has changed.   Many mothers and fathers share reverse roles.  Moms continue to perform basic home life functions while also heading to work or creating home-based businesses to bring in an extra penny or two.  We are examples of two mothers who have done just that.  We rely heavily on our husbands to pick up the slack.

All of this combined gave us a deep instilled desire to want to grab hold of some of those vintage ideals we were taught, and decide to live as mothers of purpose despite modern-day pulls.  This meant conscientiously creating a home like the one we grew up in.

So short of this blog being for us as a way to get back to the basics of purposeful mothering, creating, giving, and living, we hope there will be a little something here and there that will inspire you to also, build your best nest.