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Back to School Dinner |

We grew up with a Mom who celebrated fresh starts.  And it seems like the start of the new school year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate.  I’ve loved doing this tradition with my little family and wanted to share it with you.

I try and pick a little theme for the year.  This year it was:  YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT. Why I picked this?  Well, I suppose I try and listen to my heart and get a sense of what might be the most meaningful to penetrate the little hearts and minds of my children at the time.  I’m all about bringing more meaning into what we do within our family. Why not take the opportunity at this occasion to do the same?

Back to School Dinner }

I recently read an article from a woman I admire.  She’s talking specifically to young women in our faith, but I just loved so many of her points and felt like she hit things right on the head.  I felt like I could apply what she said when I talked with my children about the upcoming school year.  Just to paraphrase a few thoughts:

“With so much going wrong in the world with oftentimes unfavorable circumstances, it may cause you to wonder, what does the future hold for me?  I want to assure you that your future is bright!

God gave you moral agency and the opportunity to learn while on earth, and He has a work for you to do.  To accomplish this work, you have an individual responsibility to seek learning.  You can be a bright ray of hope!

The pattern of study you establish during your formal schooling will in large measure affect your lifelong thirst for knowledge.  You must get all the education you possibly can…Train your minds and hands to become an influence for good as you go forward with your lives.”

And a note on technology:

”With technology you are witnessing an explosion of knowledge.  You are constantly bombarded by sound, video, and networking.  Be selective and don’t allow this surge of information to distract you or slow your progress.  Arise!  YOU determine your goals. YOU decide what enters your mind and heart.” 

I also focused on the sunflowers, and how they seek light as they grow.  (Such an amazing little fact about one of God’s creations)  The kids loved this part and loved hearing me talk about how they turn towards the east and naturally rotate to follow the sun throughout the day.

Back to School Dinner |

The table was set.

Back to School Dinner |

Back to School Dinner |

Here’s a list of resources I used:

  • Black and White Striped Fabric: Ikea
  • Fake potted grass: Ikea
  • Black and White Striped Ribbon: Michaels
  • Green Doilies for Gift Bags: Michaels
  • Butterflies: Michaels
  • Chalkboard Tags: Hobby Lobby
  • Composition Books: Wal-Mart

Back to School Dinner |

I usually bombard my children with all sorts of school supplies this time of year and new backpacks to boot.  We love it, but honestly, we don’t need it.  I loved focusing simply this year.  I gave them a composition book, an apple, and you might be asking, like my kids did, ”What’s in the bag?”

Back to School Dinner |

I gave them a little incentive for good grades…something they’re always asking me about.

Back to School Dinner |

I introduced GOOD GRADE DAY with this little poem and a little hint of how we’re going to reward the kids at the end of the semester.  Who wouldn’t want to try for some of these?  Plus, they’re FREE.

Work really hard, put your work to the test!

Seek, study, learn, and do your very best! 

We are planning a day with lots of FREE fun,

You won’t want to miss it once your job is done.

“A” grades are AWESOME, they are the best!

“B” grades are BETTER than “C’s” on a test. 

“D” grades and ”F” grades we won’t even relate,

Because those grades surely determine your fate.

 You are in charge and your future is bright,

Don’t let distractions block your sight. 

 You can do a great job; you can earn your degree,

You’re a bright ray of hope that the world will see.





Bring in a report card which has good grades on it and receive a FREE scoop of ice cream.


Score a FREE game for each A on the report card at both Brunswick Zone and Zone XL locations.


Get a FREE Personal Pan Pizza with good grades.


Get a FREE donut with every “A”. (Up to 6 per child)


 FREE scoop of ice cream for students with good grades. Only A’s and B’s.

Back to School Dinner |

I hope my kids remember these moments.  I hope they catch a sense that they are the rising generation.  That they have it within them to make a difference and be a light in this world.  And I hope they remember that the value of education is honored and celebrated within our home.

12 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL Dinner Tradition

  1. This is great, I love the tradition…one we used to do with our kids too. And the tablescape is gorgeous!

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  3. I love how there is a limit of six donuts per child for every “A.” I came to your site from The Crafting Chicks. I love the idea of a Back to School dinner.

    My kids don’t get grades yet but I think celebrating their education is a great idea!

  4. I am not a mom yet, but I can always use tips, and suggestions on ways to help motivate my future kiddos! Love this idea and will be using it for sure. Thanks

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  6. As always, you are simply amazing! This is not only stunning, gorgeous but so thoughtful and perfect. Can’t wait to use some of these for upcoming report card rewards!! Yay! Thanks for sharing–I am such a sucker for anything black and white striped!!

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