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One thing I love about this time of year is the opportunity it allows for our family to get into a routine.  In the summer, we’re usually relaxed with the day-to-day tasks we encourage during the school year.  But by the beginning of the new school year, everyone’s ready for some family structure and a system that works.

We have tried many chore charts, and I really think there are some fantastic resoures out there.  We’ve tried pictures, treats, incentives, stickers…all in the name of helping my children to take responsibility for their little lives, become independent, and earn privileges. Some have worked. Others haven’t.

This system in particular though has become a favorite.  I think it’s because it’s simple and focused and easy for everyone.  Plus it’s tried-and-true.  We did this last year in our home and I have to say, for the most part, it really worked for us.


It’s just a simple piece of paper, laminated, then with magnetic strips on the back. The only other thing you need is a dry erase marker.


It’s customizable to a degree, as you can pen in your own child’s name and the responsibilities you want him or her to do during the school week.  (We have different charts for Saturday chores, and our family rests on Sunday.)

Each child is responsible for his or her own chart.  Then the child is asked to “star” those tasks he or she has completed with a dry erase marker. Simple.


We hope you’ll download this template when you get the chance so you can see if it works for you.  And as always, we’d love tfor you to pin this and get the word out.  Also, tell us what you think!


UPDATE: I think the above link actually works now.  Please leave a comment if not and I will get it sent to you. THANK YOU!

42 thoughts on “FREE Printable Chore Chart

  1. Thanks for the printable. I enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate that it is focused on family and home without making one feel like they are failing at it. I see so many blogs lately going overboard on crafts, projects, treats, etc. that ultimately distract from family and home by showing an unrealistic, unattainable goal of near-perfect homemaking and motherhood. I appreciate that your blog is a healthy mix of all things related to home and family.

    • Tiffany,
      You will never know how much this comment meant to us. Thank you so much for your kind-hearted words and thoughts. We so appreciate it! xo

  2. Love the printables…thanks Katie! Just wondering do you pay your kids for helping around the house….would love a post about money and kids.

    • What a great idea for a post, Marisa! We don’t pay our kids for regular chores, but give them options to earn extra money with extra jobs. We have a whole system that works. I really love it. Maybe I will share it! Thanks for the great idea! xo

  3. This is awesome! I’m always creating and re-creating and buying and and and a nice-looking, simple chore chart that will work. This looks great and seems really functional. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this chart but the download system won’t work for me. But it’s super cute and I love how clean it is! Would love an emailed copy if you do that. :)

  5. Love , Love, Love this chore chart! This may sound like I am over the top, but , I have been researching chore charts for months now and just haven’t found the one . I really would like to put this into use ASAP. The problem is I signed up to download ,etc. Not working ….Will you please email it to me? Love your blog as well.
    I hope all is well with you and your kiddos!

  6. Thanks for the simple chore chart! Can you please email me a copy? Thanks!
    Question: Any ideas on a chart to regulate time on the screen? Been trying to come up with a way to regulate the tv/videos gaming. Basically a way to help teach time management to my 10 yr old. Between sports, homework, chores, and the gaming…. any ideas?

    • Oh boy, that is the question of the day! There are few things we’ve done that work. I need to consider writing a blog post about the idea. Thanks for the prompt!

  7. When it print thus it comes out on 4 different pages ! Can you e-mail me one to see if it comes out one just one page ! Please and thanks

  8. Hi there! Can you please email me the chore chart? Love your blog – found it through pinterest :)

  9. Sorry if this is a double, but would you please email me the cute chore chart. Thanks!

  10. Can you please also email the chart to me? I too was unable to open it. I love the burlap and overall look of it. It looks like part of the home, not a preschoolish chart!

  11. This looks fabulous and would love to give it a go with my two kids. Could you please email it to me also? Seem to be unable to download. Thanks!

  12. This looks beautiful! I was wondering if you could share what your saturday charts look like?

    • Sadly my Saturday list is not fancy at all because it’s always different for my kids, but now you’ve given me an idea to make one sometime! :)

  13. This chart is exactly what I am looking for for my boys. However, I can’t seem to be able to download it. Would you please email it to me?

  14. This is the most amazing chore chart ever! It’s easy to read but goes very nicely with your home’s decor. Oh I love it so much! Would you be able to send me the template so I might be able to use the computer to fill it out. Thank you so much! This was JUST what I was hunting for and I am thankful I can print out enough for all four of our kiddos. :)

  15. I love the chore chart! A friend recently pinned it on pinterest, it’s perfect for summer! I tried to print it but it split into 4 pages. Will you please email it to me?

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