Carnival {Birthday Week}

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Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comWhat childhood isn’t complete without a carnival party?  I had a great time preparing this for my then 8-year-old daughter, Betsy.  I loved picking this super fun and bright color scheme.  Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe loaded the table with some fun carnival games and goodies.

Carnival Party |

Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comand don’t forget the fun sodas we served!

Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comBetsy helped distribute tickets to her friends.

Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comThen the kids played all sorts of carnival games.Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe had some extra help from “Chuckles the Clown” aka Ruby, Betsy’s older sister.  She volunteered for the job and did great helping entertain the kids.  Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comMy favorite of the games was the Potato Sack Races.  Love these potato sacks I got from Oriental Trading.

Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe ate cake and we loved celebrating this special girl!

Carnival Party | www.thevintagemother.comA HUGE THANK YOU to my sweet friend, Sarah Waggoner of Sarah Waggoner Photography for capturing these images of this special day for Betsy.

Construction Party {Birthday Week}

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Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comI have a little boy who lives for anything that has to do with building.  He’s now 6, but for his 4-year-old birthday party, we decided to make the most of it

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe had some help from a friend who had access to some construction material.  He dropped by a bunch of signs and cones for us to use to help set the stage.  They were perfect.

Construction Party |  We were able to get the aprons donated from the the Kids Workshop at The Home Depot.  The manager at our local store was more than willing to donate some aprons to help promote their business.  I ordered yellow hard hats from Oriental Trading and dolled them up with red gingham bows for the girls.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe had a great time with these kids!  They measured some things, and got to use some hammers and power drills to build a few things.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe found a bean bag toss to play, and our Dad even jumped in and acted like a real live construction guy.  The kids loved it.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe made a banner, decorated the tables with balloons and more construction stuff, then set up a food table with some of the food items being served out of tool boxes.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comThis birthday boy loved it.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comTime for the cake!  I loved this cake because it was SO easy, and it didn’t need to be perfect.  I used two different colors of icing for the sand and cement, candy rocks, kit kat bars and crushed Oreo for topsoil.

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWhat a lucky kid!

Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe gave them some construction stickers from Oriental Trading and some yummy treats for their take home gifts. Construction Party | www.thevintagemother.comI loved doing this party for my boy!  He loves looking at the pictures from time to time and remembering how much fun we had.


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Surfer Girl Party | When you have a child that’s turning 12, it gets harder to plan the “perfect party”.  I’m sure many of you can sympathize!  Thankfully, Ruby and I agreed on a theme that would be both fun and manageable.  It was a Surfer Girl Party.

Surfer Girl Invitation | www.thevintagemother.comWe picked some invitations from one of our favorite party spots, the Petite Party Studio here in Gilbert. I’ve mentioned before that they usually help me when I’m in a pinch.Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comThey also helped with the banner, cupcake toppers and water labels, not to mention some super cute paper fans, lanterns, and tissue poms that I made into flowers.Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comRuby wanted hula skirts on her table. We found some super cheap ones at the dollar store.  The fishnets were from Hobby Lobby and I have a bunch of star fish I’ve had for years.

Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comSurfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comWe even found a swimsuit to match.  How lucky that it was CHEVRON!Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comOur friends have an amazing pool, and they let us borrow it for the afternoon. These girls had such a fun time together.Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comRuby especially enjoyed jumping in with friends—over and over again.Surfer Girl Party |

Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comRuby’s other request was for a tiered cake…With colorful layers of course!

Surfer Girl Party | www.thevintagemother.comI loved doing this party for Ruby and her friends!Surfer Girl Party |

BAKE SHOP Birthday

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Bake Shop Birthday {}

We believe in home-grown birthdays around here.  It’s how my Mom did it and how I like to do it too.  And we don’t indulge our kids with birthday parties with friends every year either. They have the even years to celebrate with friends.  The odd years are left for celebrations with family.

This year my No. 2 was turning 10 and wanted a BAKE SHOP Birthday.  We had a lot of fun preparing everything but had some special, last-minute help from our friends over at The Petite Party Studio.  They always help when we’re in a pinch!

Bake Shop Birthday {}

We borrowed this darling pink chalkboard frame.  I can’t believe they let me take it right off their wall.

Bake Shop Birthday {}

And the little shop is filled with all kinds of goodies for party favors and display.  My favorites are their pink bakery boxes.  They are SO cute!  We used these to put a little something for the girls to take home.  I also loved the little candy vending capsules.  We put a little necklace in there for each of the girls too.

Bake Shop Birthday {}

They even let me borrow their pink cake stand for Betsy’s cake.  I was in a little bit of a rush getting ready for this party but this cake stand helped pull everything together.

Bake Shop Birthday {}

 And this is the birthday girl, Miss Betsy, while we were in the middle of making cake pops. I ordered these pink aprons and chef hats off of this place and added puff paint for their names.

Bake Shop Birthday {}

This table of bakery supplies was a forecast of what we were doing at the party.

Bake Shop Birthday {}

 A fun shot of some of the paper straws you can find at the Petite Party Studio.  They usually have every color I need!

Bake Shop Birthday {}

And here is the birthday girl pictured with her friends in their aprons.  I told them one serious and the other funny.  I love them both!

Bake Shop Birthday {}

We set out for calzones but ended up with pizzas.  {You gotta roll with these things sometimes, right?}   Regardless, the girls had so much fun making and eating them!

Bake Shop Birthday {}

 And of course it’s birthday candle time.  I love it when they truly make a wish!

Bake Shop Birthday {}

 Everything turned out so sweet.  I hope she remembers it for years to come.

Bake Shop Birthday {}