What’s a Mom for?

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What's a Mom For?  Finding meaning in the mundane {www.thevintagemother.com}

Shoes.  You love ‘em.  You hate ‘em.  But you can’t live without ‘em.

And as a Mom, there’s nothing worse when you can’t find them for your kids.  How many of us spend longer than needed looking for the ever evasive “other shoe?”.  We have stories about that here at our house a mile long.  And we sure have shoes long gone missing in the dark depths of the Hughes Family black hole.

And then there’s the part about shoes which truthfully drive me crazy.  Tying them.  I don’t know why, but honestly it might be one of my least favorite things about being a parent.

A while back, my No. 2 came to me and said, “Mom, can you please tie my shoes?”  She is 10, and certainly by the age of 10 she should be tying her own shoes.  I was busy focused on something I felt like was important, and told her, “No, honey, you can tie your own shoes.”  She preceded, “But Mom, I need help.” and again I said, “You can do it,” and I hurriedly kept about my business with what I was focused on.

Then she said, “But what’s a Mom for?”

And it pierced me to the core.

And I knew she was right.

Certainly I’d taught her to tie her own shoes, but at this very instant, she needed me.

Not in an overwhelming sense, but in a simple “I’m your daughter, and you’re my mother” sense.  ”This is what Mom’s do.”

There are significant experiences I have as a mother that put me in my place.  Sometimes they come softly and peacefully through constant thoughts, prodding me to do better or be better.  Others hit me like a 2-ton brick.  They leave me more thoughtful and tuned in to the needs of my children, even when those needs are something as simple as tying one’s shoes.

3 thoughts on “What’s a Mom for?

  1. Sometimes a gentle reminder from the little ones in the house is all we need. I too get wrapped up in what I feel is important. Moments are fleeting and are whisked away. Thank you for the gentile reminder…

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